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What is a home? Better yet, where is home? (BTW, Try to keep these two definitions in mind because they will be important later 🙅🏻)


Many will respond to that question with a physical address and others will possibly bring up their native land. But when you truly start to think, truly and honestly start to analyze how this world operates, home is where your family is. Home can be anywhere that you create moments and memories with your loved ones. 


According to Wikipedia, a cottage is, typically, a small house. Actually, in modern usage, a cottage is usually a modest, often COZY DWELLING, typically in a rural or semi rural location. 


You may be asking yourself, “Jessica, why are you even telling me all of this?”


Well here goes........


I want to personally introduce you to (Drumroll Please 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁)


  • The Picture Cottage  - 



SAY WHAT 🤦🏻‍♀️!?!? I changed my name??? 


Yes and I am so giddy excited that I feel a need to shout it out from the rooftops! (I’m so dramatic, I know (you’ll also learn that about me too))


So back to my introduction (SQUIRREL!!)


The reason why I changed my name is actually  a long and funny story and maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll talk to you about it, buuuutttt for now lets focus on why that name.


Remember the two definitions above, the ones I told you to remember (yeah those!)? Well my goal is to make you and your beautiful family feel as cozy as possible and as close to feeling at home when you’re out on a session with me in front of my camera.  I mean let’s be real, your time and my time is precious right? Be honest!!! It’s fleeting!!! We will never get that moment back, so why not use it to get to know each other and make each other feel like we are family in order to achieve these amazing images that you will have with you forever to look back on? 


I want to capture your most intimate moments as a family, as a couple, as siblings, as parents, as friends and document this time that ultimately we will NEVER, EVER get back. That is, until now! 

I want your most candid and genuine expressions of love that you show each other on a daily basis to be caught by my camera, through my lens and on our time as a way of me returning these precious moments right back to you for a lifetime.




That is why this name hits me close to home. Now, there is an even better part that I still haven’t told you! This name didn’t come from me! It actually came from a really dear and close friend of mine that I can actually call and relate to as family! I mean, come on!!! The name is just perfect!


Soooooo now that you know a little bit about why I named my business “The Picture Cottage” and why I love to do what I do, let’s talk! Let’s get on a phone call, let’s grab some coffee and let’s talk about documenting these special moments in your life through my lens!! 


NOW.... to formally introduce myself, I am Jessica and I’m so excited to have you stop by! Hope to chat with you soon and meet you and your lovely family!

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WooHoo!! So excited to hear from you! I will reply shortly!